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What is ExWiki[edit]

The aim of ExWiki is to collect exercises from various fields of mathematics and computer science and to serve as a solution manual. Each exercise is equipped with hints, solutions and respective references to books in which it appears as an exercise.


There are currently 369 posted exercises.

You can also browse exercises from the following books:

Alternatively, you can dive into the list of all categories.


ExWiki is under development and needs your help! One way you can help is by contributing new exercises, solutions and hints for already created exercises or by adding references to books in which an equivalent form of the exercise is presented.

There are currently 48 incomplete exercises that are in need of a solution or hint. You can help by adding the relevant section!

For other tasks related to the project check the TODO list.

How to add an exercise?[edit]

How to create a new page

how to add an exercise